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Hotel Post Chur


AS VIP to the Hit Parade?

 GRToday  21. SEPTEMBER 2017

The Hotel Post opened a year ago. During the 21st edition of the hit parade on 30 September 2017 in Chur,  the most popular yearly event, Hotel Post offers the first VIP Lounge. The lodge offers the best views of the happy move, as it passes directly by the Hotel Post.

The 21st edition of the hit parade of September 30th is not only under a new management, there is also a new offer.
The move route leads again through the Poststrasse directly at the Hotel Post. «The idea of ​​using our rooms with a view of the Poststrasse as a lodge is almost inevitable,» says host Helmut Gold, who has been leasing and the renovated Hotel Post on the Poststrasse for over a year. Together with the organization team of the hit parade, Helmut Gold raffled box seats in the VIP Lounge of the Hotel Post. The winner is allowed to exclusively use a VIP box with her friends. Further lodges are available to regular customers and guests of the hotel.  



Hotel Post Chur